Hej venner!

First of all, my heart goes out to the friends and families of Leah and Linsey. I am so thankful and impressed with the support that DIS and the Danish community as a whole provided to everyone who needed it after the tragedy.

Quick update: I am leaving today. So much crying has already happened and there is so much more to come (both happy and sad tears, I assure you). The greatest adventure of my life is coming to a close and, although I’m devastated that it’s over, I’m so happy that I got this amazing opportunity! (so cheesy, I know, I’m sorry)

This will be a very disorganized post because I am so distressed about leaving! Here are two guest posts from the other people who you have gotten to know so well during the semester:

Kayla who says ‘bagel’ strangely because she’s from Wisconsin wrote: Hi everyone! I’m Kayla. I was in Child Development in Scandinavia with Maddy and we were in neighboring vuggestue rooms at our practicum this semester. When I first got to Denmark, I’ll be honest, I had a hard time adjusting. If you do too, just know that’s normal and okay. But one of the first things that started to make me feel better was the Child Development and Diversity orientation. I realized that these were my people. We all shared similar interests and a passion for improving the lives of children. I realized that I was about to get an educational experience that I couldn’t quite get back at my home university. The practicum was one of the things I was looking the most forward to about studying abroad in Denmark, and now that I’ve gone through it (sob), I can easily say it was one of my best experiences here. Those little Danish babies stole my heart. (Sidebar: if you are not quite as much of a baby enthusiast as Maddy and I, have no fear. CDD has practicum placements in schools of all ages. If later childhood is more your thing, then Children and Youth in Europe might be the course for you!) So if you are a future CDD student or considering the Child Development program at DIS, let me tell you- congratulations!! These are your people! You might even make new friends that you take two trips to Norway with… 😉


Liv from California but goes to school in Minnesota wrote: Hi everyone! My name is Liv and I am from California, but go to school in Minnesota. This semester, I was in the Biomedicine core course and living with Maddy in our home-stay. I think the most important take-away I have from my study abroad experience is that it was nothing like what I expected, but better than anything I could have imagined. My favorite part of DIS is that it fosters a very intentional community that lets you meet other people you might not normally meet. There is a perfect blend of students from all walks of life, and going through the Copenhagen experience with all of them has taught me so much about the world and myself. I am so grateful for the friendships and connections I have made here (especially Maddy, love you girl) and I would recommend this experience to anyone!


Now that you’ve gotten a little taste of the experiences some other DIS students had, here is a little taste of the experience I’ve had while living in a home stay (10/10 would recommend by the way). I’ve been keeping a list of funny things my host family has said during the semester and I’d love to share it with all of you! So here it goes:

  • Push up the roof
  • What time are you standing up tomorrow?
  • My favorite color is black…like batman
  • I didn’t eat you pizza. Your pizza flew into my mouth
  • Man have do what man have do
  • You have so long hair
  • I’m a farmer boy
  • Oh what a beautiful guy
  • Can I please have all of the butters?
  • What is that coming out of your mouth now?
  • What time do you leaving with the plane?
  • We don’t eat veggie
  • Does the Santa Claus come to the U.S. sometimes? Because he’s always in Denmark.
  • Cripsy instead of crispy
  • Produce instead of procedure
  • What is the clock?
  • Breakfast will be ready in 5 or 2 minutes

My host family played a major role in making my time here so incredibly amazing. We are already making plans to come back and visit and for them to come to the states! I have come to love them all like my own and am going to miss them so much when I go back.

So, I guess this is it. Thank you all for following and experiencing my journey along with me! I hope you have enjoyed it at least a faction of how much I have! I also want to thank DIS for allowing me to be a DIS blogger, it has been such a great experience! I hope I have given any future DIS or CDD students some solid advice, but if anyone ever has any questions, you are way more than welcome to contact me through this page!

Thanks for saying tuned for my crazy adventures!

For the last time,

Stay positive. Stay passionate. Stay mad.




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