Hej venner!

Quick update: I have 9 days left here in Cope. Next week is finals week and I leave on May 12th. Where has the time gone? But on a more positive note, during my last practicum visit with the Danish babies last week, the unthinkable happened: one of the babies called my Maddy! How? I have no idea. But it definitely happened and it made my life.

To celebrate this event, my friends and I went to a Danish drag bingo night! One of Liv from California but goes to school in Minnesota’s professors participates in the drag show and let me just say, she was beautiful. One problem: the whole show was in Danish. Now, we are pretty much fluent (lol) but we still struggled to understand all the jokes being made and the instructions for the bingo being announced. Because of this, we ended up just laughing along with everyone else, pretending we knew what was going on, and definitely not winning the bingo game. However, it was great to practice our Danish numbers. Additionally, we could not figure out where to get the little chippy things to cover the bingo numbers that were called so we resorted to digging through our purses for tiny objects that could be used as alternatives. We used Danish kroner, euros, tiny hair ties, and even month old candies I had stuffed to the bottom of my bag. What can I say, we are resourceful.

For my last trip while studying abroad, Kayla who says ‘bagel’ strangely because she’s from Wisconsin and I traveled to Bergen, Norway! I know I say this almost every time, but now that I have done all my traveling I think I’m allowed to say that Norway was my favorite country (besides Denmark of course). The city center was absolutely adorable. The buildings were all a different color and each one was unique.

We went up to the top of the two tallest mountains in Bergen (by cable car) and were completely flabbergasted (such a great word) by the view.

We also went on a fjord tour which was incredible! We drank natural fjord waterfall water (which was the purest and coldest water I’ve ever tasted) and admired the snow-topped mountains while trying not to be blown over by the intense wind.


I am trying to squeeze everything that I’ve saved for the last minute into these next 9 days. I don’t like thinking about going home yet, so I’ve decided to ignore it. We’ll see how that coping strategy works.

Fun fact: Every time Kayla who says ‘bagel’ strangely because she’s from Wisconsin and I have flown together, we have had a system. When we check into our flights and pick our seats, we always pick a window and an aisle seat in the same row. We have always ended up with the whole row to ourselves (because who would willingly pick a middle seat?) and have a seat solely devoted to our plane snacks. It is called the Snack Seat. Works every time.

Fun fact: During my first couple trips in the beginning of the semester, I ordered lasagna at least once in every different country without realizing it. Once I did realize it, I thought that I’d keep that tradition going, of course! As of now, for no real reason, I have tried the lasagna in 9 different countries! The conclusion I’ve come to: my host mom makes the best lasagna in Scandinavia and beyond.

Another fun fact: Dogs in the Distance is booming! Kayla who says ‘bagel’ strangely because she’s from Wisconsin and I were reminiscing about the semester and we remembered a pretty funny story. Since we both work at the same practicum site and have a mutual love for babies, especially Danish ones, we had the brilliant idea of creating a second Instagram called Babies in the Distance! However, we realized that this is a super bad and creepy idea, no matter how much we love babies, so we scratched that and stuck to dogs instead. I know, I was disappointed too.

Last fun fact I promise: Denmark is amazing. When my parents were here, they carried around a little travel bag with all their stuff in it (phones, wallets, travel books, etc.). During one of their adventures, they accidentally left the bag on a seat on the train. When they got off and realized that they didn’t have their bag, the train was already gone and they had no way to get it back. Everything was lost (the phones, the wallets, the travel books, the etc.) and they were devastated. While my mom hurriedly called home to cancel all the credit cards before anyone started to use them, my dad ran to the lost and found at the main station in case a miracle happened, but they weren’t hopeful. Shockingly, the bag and everything inside had been turned in moments after they left it on the train. Again, Denmark is amazing.

Stay tuned for more craziness! (for only a bit longer 😦 )

Stay positive. Stay passionate. Stay mad.


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