Quick update: I willingly jumped out of a plane!! My host dad (who happens to be a skydiving instructor) took Liv from California but goes to school in Minnesota and I to Bornholm (a small Danish island) and encouraged us to jump from 3,000 feet and fall to the ground. The best part: it was a solo skydive. That’s right. We jumped all by ourselves and safely (but not at all gracefully) reached the ground. It was super windy and I was terrified but it was amazing and I would most definitely do it again!


My parents came to town and took me to Germany for the last break! We started our adventure in Munich where we enjoyed a walking city tour.

Munich is such a beautiful city that is full of history and many many giant soft pretzels. Not going to lie to you guys, I had a massive pretzel literally the size of my face for every single meal, every single day and I have zero regrets.


From Munich, we rented a car and made our way to Füssen through the picturesque country side and tiny little towns. We visited two very big, very ornate, and very old castles that were absolutely stunning. And yes, I continued my three-pretzels-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away mentality. So worth it.

Our last German destination was Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a miniature town that is surrounded by a wall with a two-mile diameter. Complete with the pastel, colorful houses and the mom-and-pop shops lining the cobble stone street, this town was your ideal fairy tale setting.

After a week back in Cope with my parents, Liv from California but goes to school in Minnesota and I embarked on an adventure to Paris, France for the weekend! It was magical. We explored the breath-taking city while gawking at the beautiful people, sights, and macarons. And, naturally, I dragged her to the aquarium. Are you even surprised?

We visited Notre-Dame de Paris, the Saint-Chapelle, the Louvre Museum, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower (we also experienced it’s jaw-dropping “sparkling”).

For fun, Liv from California but goes to school in Minnesota and I decided to calculate just how many macarons we had purchased over the course of the weekend. The grand total: a whopping 48 macarons, adding up to close to one hundred dollars over the two days we were there (sorry mom and dad…and stomach). We definitely received many strange looks as we sat in the airport and devoured about 14 each in one sitting. Oops. Worth it?


I apologize for the longer-than-usual post but so much has happened! The semester is wrapping up and I only have one more trip this weekend. I wonder where I’m going…stay tuned!

Fun fact: I have now held two different random strangers’ babies in two different countries. Is that weird? (sorry no pictures allowed 😦 )

Fun fact: Best pro tip of all time: Go everywhere with your parents because they are amazing! (and also pay for everything)

So many fun facts!: My friend (Kayla who says ‘bagel’ strangely because she’s from Wisconsin) and I created an Instagram account called dogsinthedistance where we post pictures with stunning backdrops and teeny hidden surprises to spot. Fun for the whole family! Go check it out!

Stay tuned for more craziness!

Stay positive. Stay passionate. Stay mad.


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