Hej venner!

Quick update: My baby Danish is becoming impeccable and practicum has become even more fun now that I can finally communicate with my Danish babies. The other day when we were sitting in our singing circle, the baby who was sitting in my lap leaned back and whispered “Kan du godt lide chokolade?” (Do you like chocolate?), and after my heart stopped melting I whispered back “Ja, jeg kan godt lide chokolade.” (Yes, I do like chocolate). I did a little happy dance in my head for getting through that intense conversation all in Danish. I love babies! Except when they sit on you for too long and your legs fall asleep and you can’t walk and get made fun of by all the babies for the rest of the day (not speaking from experience of course).

For this week’s blog, I wanted to touch upon a very important and enjoyable event that is always the highlight of my day: family dinners. My host mom (reminder: professional pasty chef) is the best cook in town according to the most reliable sources (the most adamant: my adoring host dad). As soon as the aromas start creeping up the stairs from the kitchen everyone starts drooling. Since the dining room is upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs, the most important thing is to get everything up there in one trip. If we are all sitting down and realize we forgot something, we either stick it out and go without it or vote an unlucky someone off the island to go fetch what we need (plus a few other things now that someone is making the trip).

For anyone who is wondering; yes, that is The Little Mermaid on my shirt which reads: Mermaid Hair Don’t Care :p

Other than the delicious food, dinner is all about being together as a family and talking about everyone’s day. The conversation is filled with laughter, whether it be at a joke my host brother makes, a story my host sister tells, Liv from California but goes to school in Minnesota and I riling each other up until we are practically screaming at each other (not negatively of course), or everyone laughing at my host dad’s mispronunciation of english words. We usually sit at the dinner table for a long time after we have finished eating just talking about anything and everything. When our host parents finally make us clean up, the real fun begins. Since the adults prepare the meal, the kids (I’m still a kid right? Being 21 doesn’t make me an adult) wash the dishes. Every night, we assign three jobs: the washer, the dryers, and the DJ. There is a giant speaker in the kitchen (no big deal) that we hook up to and blast our music. It is so loud, I don’t understand why we don’t get complaints from our neighbors. Washing dishes while dancing around and singing at the top of our lungs (while it does make the process longer) makes it much more enjoyable.

It can get a little rowdy when our host brother starts to try to snap us with his dish towel (which hurts so bad and leaves marks by the way. Thanks Daniel.). After washing the dishes and having a dance party, we retire up to the living room to get hyggeligt with the rest of the family and see a movie (they have to be based on a true story because those are my host mom’s favorite) or finish up some homework we have. In summary, my host family is the actual best.

Fun fact: My parents are coming to Cope next week to visit for another (!!!) travel break we have. They are taking me to yet another amazing (and secret until next week) destination! I can’t wait!

Fun fact: This blog was super short on pictures so here is a lovely picture of me living my best life with a nice mustache (taken by my best friend/”twin” who visited a couple weeks ago with her big fancy camera):


And here is a picture of Liv from California but goes to school in Minnesota and I with our little host sister after she performed her ballet show in the royal theater!


Stay tuned for more craziness!

Stay positive. Stay passionate. Stay mad.


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